New paper uses multiple approaches to infer connectivity

Figure 5 from Rundel et al. (2013)

Connectivity maps for Wilson’s warblers using genetic (A), isotopic (B), or combined (C) models (see Rundel et al. 2013 for more detail).

Check out a new paper in Molecular Ecology by Rundel et al., Novel statistical methods for integrating genetic and stable isotope data to infer individual-level migratory connectivity

The research adds to a growing effort that combines multiple approaches and improves accuracy: “When applied at large scale the method can reveal specific migratory connectivity patterns… Our approach is implemented in a way that is easily extended to accommodate additional sources of information (e.g. bi-allelic markers, species distribution models, etc.) or adapted to other species or assignment problems”

Also in the same issue is a perspective piece by Veen (Unravelling migratory connections: the next level), which describes the current state of migratory connectivity research.

And thanks for the shout out to the Migratory Connectivity Project! Glad to see it’s being put to use!

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