New journal on Animal Biotelemetry is launched!

Figure from Domeier and Nasby-Lucas (2013)

Location data for four satellite-linked radio-telemetry-tagged female white sharks. Figure from Domeier and Nasby-Lucas (2013) in the first issue of the journal Animal Biotelemetry.


Earlier this week saw the debut of the new journal, Animal Biotelemetry. More good news? It’s open access!

From the editor, Peter Klimley, the journal will “serve as a venue for the following types of information:

  1. Descriptions of the movements, behaviour, physiology and ecology of aquatic and terrestrial animals determined using electronic tags.
  2. Applications of telemetric data to address applied conservation and wildlife management problems.
  3. Innovation in the design of tracking systems, electronic tags, sensor design, and power sources.
  4. Development and application of analytical methods, geographic information systems and software for processing telemetric data, including circular and home range statistics, vector analyses, and simulations using diffusion and random walk models.
  5. Establishment of the range of radio and acoustic transmitters with varying power levels.
  6. Evaluation of the effects of existing and novel tag attachment techniques on the physiology of species to ensure that animal behaviour and survival is unimpaired by diverse tagging techniques.”
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