MCP Publications

Since 2014 we have been leading field projects in collaboration with over 50 partners to discover the unknown migrations of migratory birds (and more!) and to estimate their migratory connectivity. We have also contributed our data and work to technology and methods development papers, conservation policy, and global syntheses. Below is a list of publications that have resulted from this work.


Wright, J. R., J. A. Johnson, E. Bayne, L. L. Powell, C. R. Foss, J. C. Kennedy, and P. P. Marra. 2021. Migratory connectivity and annual cycle phenology of Rusty Blackbirds (Euphagus carolinus) revealed through archival GPS tags. Avian Conservation and Ecology 16(1):20.

Read more about Rusty Blackbirds in our blog.



BCNHScarpignato, A. L., K. A. Stein, E. B. Cohen, P. P. Marra, L. J. Kearns, S. Hallager, and C. M. Tonra. 2021. Full annual cycle tracking of Black-crowned Night-Herons suggests wintering areas do not explain differences in colony population trendsJournal of Field Ornithology: 1-13.




800px-813_-_Connecticut_Warbler_(6-6-2018)_south_county_line_road,_Bayfield_County,_WI_-01_(28781705858)_WikipediaCommonaHallworth, M. T., E. Bayne, E. McKinnon, O. Love, J. A. Tremblay, B. Drolet, J. Ibarzabal, S. Van Wilgenburg, and P. P. Marra. 2021. Habitat loss on the breeding grounds is a major contributor to population declines in a long-distance migratory songbirdProceedings of the Royal Society B: 288: 20203164.




CONI_FigureKnight, E. C., A.-L. Harrison, A. L. Scarpignato, S. L. Van Wilgenburg, E. M. Bayne, J. W. Ng, E. Angell, R. Bowman, R. M. Brigham, B. Drolet, W. E. Easton, T. R. Forrester, J. T. Foster, S. Haché, K. C. Hannah, K. G. Hick, J. Ibarzabal, T. L. Imlay, S. A. Mackenzie, A. Marsh, L. P. McGuire, G. N. Newberry, D. Newstead, A. Sidler, P. H. Sinclair, J. L. Stephens, D. L. Swanson, J. A. Tremblay, and P. P. Marra. 2021. Comprehensive estimation of spatial and temporal migratory connectivity across the annual cycle to direct conservation efforts. Ecography: 1–15.

Check out this animation of the data in our Common Nighthawk paper.



AAMA_2019_abb7080_Figure1Davidson, S. C., G. Bohrer, E. Gurarie, S. LaPoint, P. J. Mahoney, N. T. Boelman, J. U. H. Eitel, L. R. Prugh, L. A. Vierling, J. Jennewein, E. Grier, O. Couriot, A. P. Kelly, A. J. H. Meddens, R. Y. Oliver, R. Kays, M. Wikelski, T. Aarvark, J. T. Ackerman, J. A. Alves, E. Bayne, B. Bedrosian, J. L. Belant, A. M. Berdahl, A. M. Berlin, D. Berteaux, J. Bety, D. Boiko, T. L. Booms, B. L. Borg, S. Boutin, W. S. Boyd, K. Brides, S. Brown, V. N. Bulyuk, K. K. Burnham, D. Cabot, M. Casazza, K. Christie, E. H. Craig, S. E. Davis, T. Davison, D. Demma, C. R. DeSorbo, A. Dixon, R. Domenech, G. Eichhorn, K. Elliot, J. R. Evenson, K.-M. Exo, S. H. Ferguson, W. Fiedler, A. Fisk, J. Fort, A. Franke, M. R. Fuller, S. Garthe, G. Gauthier, G. Gilchrist, P. Glazov, C. E. Gray, D. Gremillet, L. Griffin, M. T. Hallworth, A.-L. Harrison, H. L. Hennin, J. M. Hipfner, J. Hodson, J. A. Johnson, K. Joly, K. Jones, T. E. Katzner, J. W. Kidd, E. C. Knight, M. N. Kochert, A. Kolzsch, H. Kruckenberg, B. J. Lagasse, S. Lai, J.-F. Lamarre, R. B. Lanctot, N. C. Larter, A. D. M. Latham, C. J. Latty, J. P. Lawler, D.-J. Leandri-Breton, H. Lee, S. B. Lewis, O. P. Love, J. Madsen, M. Maftei, M. L. Mallory, B. Mangipane, M. Y. Markovets, P. P. Marra, R. McGuire, C. L. McIntyre, E. A. McKinnon, et al. 2020. Ecological insights from three decades of animal movement tracking across a changing ArcticScience 370(6517): 712-715.


149782McCabe, Rebecca, L. Goodrich, D. Barber, T. Master, J. Watson, E. Bayne, A.-L. Harrison, P. P. Marra, and K. Bildstein. 2020. Satellite tracking reveals age and origin differences in migration ecology of two populations of Broad-winged Hawks (Buteo platypterus)Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Read more about our Broad-winged Hawk expeditions.



PALO_USGSColvilleRiver2015_RyanAskrenPoessel, S. A., B. D. Uher-Koch, J. M. Pearce, J. A. Schmutz, A.-L. Harrison, D. C. Douglas, V. R. von Biela, and T. E. Katzner. 2020. Movement and habitat use of loons for assessment of conservation buffer zones in the Arctic Coastal Plain of northern Alaska. Global Ecology and Conservation 22: e00980.





Vierros, M. K., A.-L. Harrison, M. Sloat, G. Ortuño Crespo, J. Moore, D. C. Dunn, Y. Ota, A. M. Cisneros-Montemayor, G. Shillinger, T. K. Watson, and H. Govan. Considering Indigenous Peoples and local communities in governance of the global ocean commons. Marine Policy 119.





DunnEtAl_2019_Science_image2_croppedDunn, D. C., A.-L. Harrison, C. Curtice, S. DeLand, B. Donnelly, E. Fujioka, E. Heywood, C. Y. Kot, S. Poulin, M. Whitten, S. Åkesson, A. Alberini, W. Appeltans, J. M. Arcos, H. Bailey, L. T. Ballance, B. Block, H. Blondin, A. M. Boustany, J. Brenner, P. Catry, D. Cejudo, J. Cleary, P. Corkeron, D. P. Costa, M. Coyne, G. O. Crespo, T. E. Davies, M. P. Dias, F. Douvere, F. Ferretti, A. Formia, D. Freestone, A. S. Friedlaender, H. Frisch-Nwakanma, C. B. Froján, K. M. Gjerde, L. Glowka, B. J. Godley, J. Gonzalez-Solis, J. P. Granadeiro, V. Gunn, Y. Hashimoto, L. M. Hawkes, G. C. Hays, C. Hazin, J. Jimenez, D. E. Johnson, P. Luschi, S. M. Maxwell, C. McClellan, M. Modest, G. N. Di Sciara, A. H. Palacio, D. M. Palacios, A. Pauly, M. Rayner, A. F. Rees, E. R. Salazar, D. Secor, A. M. M. Sequeira, M. Spalding, F. Spina, S. Van Parijs, B. Wallace, N. Varo-Cruz, M. Virtue, H. Weimerskirch, L. Wilson, B. Woodward, and P. N. Halpin. 2019. The importance of migratory connectivity for global ocean policy. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286.

Learn more about MiCO (Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean).



Hays, G. C., H. Bailey, S. J. Bograd, W. D. Bowen, C. Campagna, R. H. Carmichael, P. Casale, A. Chiaradia, D. P. Costa, E. Cuevas, P. J. Nico de Bruyn, M. P. Dias, C. M. Duarte, D. C. Dunn, P. H. Dutton, N. Esteban, A. Friedlaender, K. T. Goetz, B. J. Godley, P. N. Halpin, M. Hamann, N. Hammerschlag, R. Harcourt, A.-L. Harrison, E. L. Hazen, M. R. Heupel, E. Hoyt, N. E. Humphries, C. Y. Kot, J. S. E. Lea, H. Marsh, S. M. Maxwell, C. R. McMahon, G. Notarbartolo di Sciara, D. M. Palacios, R. A. Phillips, D. Righton, G. Schofield, J. A. Seminoff, C. A. Simpfendorfer, D. W. Sims, A. Takahashi, M. J. Tetley, M. Thums, P. N. Trathan, S. Villegas-Amtmann, R. S. Wells, S. D. Whiting, N. E. Wildermann, and A. M. M. Sequeira. 2019. Translating Marine Animal Tracking Data into Conservation Policy and Management. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 34:459–473.



Sequeira, A. M. M., M. R. Heupel, M. A. Lea, V. M. Eguíluz, C. M. Duarte, M. G. Meekan, M. Thums, H. J. Calich, R. H. Carmichael, D. P. Costa, L. C. Ferreira, J. Fernandéz-Gracia, R. Harcourt, A.-L. Harrison, I. Jonsen, C. R. McMahon, D. W. Sims, R. P. Wilson, and G. C. Hays. 2019. The importance of sample size in marine megafauna tagging studies. Ecological Applications 29:1344–1360.





CohenEtAl_2018a_Science_figure_croppedCohen, E. B., J. A. Hostetler, M. T. Hallworth, C. S. Rushing, T. S. Sillett, and P. P. Marra. 2018. Quantifying the strength of migratory connectivity. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 9:513–524.




CohenEtAl_2018_Science_figure_croppedCohen, E. B., C. R. Rushing, F. R. Moore, M. T. Hallworth, J. A. Hostetler, M. G. Ramirez, and P. P. Marra. 2018. The strength of migratory connectivity for birds en route to breeding through the Gulf of Mexico. Ecography 42:658–669.




HarrisonEtAl_2018_Science_coverHarrison, A.-L., D. P. Costa, A. J. Winship, S. R. Benson, S. J. Bograd, M. Antolos, A. B. Carlisle, H. Dewar, P. H. Dutton, S. J. Jorgensen, S. Kohin, B. R. Mate, P. W. Robinson, K. M. Schaefer, S. A. Shaffer, G. L. Shillinger, S. E. Simmons, K. C. Weng, K. M. Gjerde, and B. A. Block. 2018. The political biogeography of migratory marine predators. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2:1571–1578.



MarraEtAl_2018_Science_coverMarra, P. P., E. Cohen, A.-L. Harrison, C. E. Studds, and M. Webster. 2018. Migratory connectivity. Pages 643–654 Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior.




CONI InfographicNg, J. W., E. C. Knight, A. L. Scarpignato, A.-L. Harrison, E. M. Bayne, and P. P. Marra. 2018. First full annual cycle tracking of a declining aerial insectivorous bird, the common nighthawk (Chordeiles minor), identifies migration routes, nonbreeding habitat, and breeding site fidelity. Canadian Journal of Zoology 96:869–875.

Read more about our Common Nighthawk expeditions.





CohenEtAl_2017_Science_figure_croppedCohen, E. B., W. C. Barrow, J. J. Buler, J. L. Deppe, A. Farnsworth, P. P. Marra, S. R. McWilliams, D. W. Mehlman, R. R. Wilson, M. S. Woodrey, and F. R. Moore. 2017. How do en route events around the Gulf of Mexico influence migratory landbird populations? The Condor 119:327–343.




CulpEtAl_2017_Science_coverCulp, L. A., E. B. Cohen, A. L. Scarpignato, W. E. Thogmartin, and P. P. Marra. 2017. Full annual cycle climate change vulnerability assessment for migratory birds. Ecosphere 8(3):1–22.




spinner shark migrationOgburn, M. B., A.-L. Harrison, F. G. Whoriskey, S. J. Cooke, J. E. Mills Flemming, and L. G. Torres. 2017. Addressing challenges in the application of animal movement ecology to aquatic conservation and management. Frontiers in Marine Science 4:1–7.





Red Knot with satellite transmitter

Scarpignato, A. L., A.-L. Harrison, D. J. Newstead, L. J. Niles, R. R. Porter, M. van den Tillaart, and P. P. Marra. 2016. Field-testing a new miniaturized GPS-argos satellite transmitter (3.5 g) on migratory shorebirds. Wader Study 123:240–246.






Cohen, E. B., J. A. Hostetler, J. A. Royle, and P. P. Marra. 2014. Estimating migratory connectivity of birds when re-encounter probabilities are heterogeneous. Ecology and Evolution 4:1659–1670.