2 papers highlight need for research throughout the annual cycle

Figure 3 from Tonra et al. (2013)

Proportion of control (filled circles) and testosterone-implanted (empty circles) male redstarts departing on spring migration from Jamaica (see Tonra et al. 2013 for details).

Check out two interesting papers published this month that highlight the need to study migratory animals throughout their annual cycles.

Experimental and observational studies of seasonal interactions between overlapping life history stages in a migratory bird: In this study, the authors look at the multiple roles of testosterone in birds, including preparation for migration and breeding while still on the wintering grounds.  Read a synopsis from the lead author…




black brant goose

Environmental Conditions during Breeding Modify the Strength of Mass-Dependent Carry-Over Effects in a Migratory Bird: Here, the authors investigate the role of environmental conditions in modifying how carry-over effects influence reproduction on the breeding grounds.

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