MCP Virtual Presentations and Podcasts

Find out more about our work through recorded presentations, podcasts, and interviews featuring researchers with the Migratory Connectivity Project.

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Research Presentations


Argos Bird Telemetry User Community Stopover Webinar – July 2021

Researchers from the bird tracking community share how they have used the Argos satellite system to track bird movements. CLS also shares recent and upcoming advances in Argos satellites. Dr. Autumn-Lynn Harrison shares MCP’s research using Argos telemetry starting at 33:15.


Road to Recovery: Identifying Linked Populations – December 2020
During the Road to Recovery workshop, researchers gathered to discuss how to direct new science towards identifying causes of birds population declines. In this recording, Migratory Connectivity Project researchers Dr. Peter Marra and Dr. Autumn-Lynn Harrison present on migratory connectivity research. More information about the workshop including recordings of other presentation available here.


Colorado Field Ornithologists featuring Scott Yanco – November 2020
Scott Yanco, who collaborated with the Migratory Connectivity Project as a PhD student at the University of Colorado Denver, presents on his research on Flammulated Owls.


High Desert Museum Guest Lecture Series: Unraveling the Mysteries of Migration – October 2020
Dr. Autumn-Lynn Harrison discusses the use of tools and technologies to track migratory birds.


National Air and Space Museum’s Earth Optimism Series – October 2020
During the National Air and Space Museum’s Earth Optimism Series, several Smithsonian scientists discussed their research. Several videos are available, including some featuring Migratory Connectivity Project research here.

Climate Change and Our Future: From a Bird’s Eye View
Dr. Autumn-Lynn Harrison discusses bird migration as apart of the National Air and Space Museum’s Earth Optimism Series.

Talking Climate Change with Conservation and Earth Scientists
NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir interviews scientists including Dr. Autumn-Lynn Harrison as part of National Air and Space Museum’s Earth Optimism Series.


Strength in numbers: Collaboration and New Technology Reveal Secrets of the Common Nighthawk – January 2018
Elly Knight, who collaborated with the Migratory Connectivity Project as a PhD student at the University of Alberta, presented for the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan Native Prairie Speaker Series. She discussed her Common Nighthawk research and the collaboration that made her research possible.


Earth Optimism Summit: Experience Migration – July 2017
Dr. Autumn-Lynn Harrison discusses research from tracking migratory birds.

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Podcasts and Radio Interviews


Smithsonian Sidedoor Podcast: Hot Bird Summer
Amy Scarpignato and Dr. Peter Marra discuss how tracking devices have helped reveal where Black-crowned Night-herons go when they migrate from their breeding grounds at the National Zoo.

Living on Earth Podcast: Tracking Migratory Species from Space
Dr. Autumn-Lynn Harrison discusses the new technology behind the ICARUS initiative and how it will help us learn about migration.

Smithsonian Sidedoor Podcast: Birds, Birds, Birds!
Dr. Peter Marra discusses declines in North American bird populations and simple actions we can take to reverse bird declines.

Wild Animals Podcast: The Flammulated Owl who got away, over, and over, and over again
Scott Yanco discusses his Flammulated Owl research with Dr. Roland Kays.

RNZ Radio Interview: Greater Protection Needed for Migrating Ocean Species
Dr. Autumn-Lynn Harrison discusses the need for greater protection of migratory species which pass through multiple countries and oceans throughout their lifetime.


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