Geolocators reveal variability in a trans-Saharan migratory bird

Figure 1 from Lemke et al. (2013)

(A) Migration routes and mid-winter movements (blue: autumn; green: spring; yellow: mid-winter). (B) Stopover sites in autumn (blue) and spring (green), and wintering sites (yellow). Breeding site indicated by a star (see Lemke et al 2013 for details).

Annual Cycle and Migration Strategies of a Trans-Saharan Migratory Songbird: A Geolocator Study in the Great Reed Warbler

A recent paper uses geolocators to address a number of questions in the great reed warbler. The authors found variation in wintering location (though all individuals bred in the same place) as well as mid-winter movement. Other interesting findings include, variation in winter departure schedule and a shorter spring migration compared to fall. Check out the paper for more!

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